St. John Ambulance
ADDRESSOdisha State Center Qr. No. -4R-6/2, Unit-III, Kharavel Nagar, Bhubaneswar-1
GENERICSJA which has been active in India for over a century has much to offer to the Nation in 21st century in the services to mankind.
DESCRIPTIONST. JOHN AMBULANCE IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY Imparts instructions to persons for rendering first aid in case of accidents or sudden illness and in the transportation of the sick and injured. Teachers, the public, students, employees, workers the principle and practices of First-Aid, Home nursing, Hygiene & sanitation, Mother craft & child care and other such allied subjects. Improvises the First Aid materials, publishes books, posters and the like for use in crisis. Serves the public b
CONTACTDr. Chabindra Prasad Mohanty
LANDLINE NO 106742531485
FAX NUMBER06742531485